Qt4Ada - An Ada2005 binding to Qt4



is a thick binding written in Ada 2005 to the C++ Qt4 GUI library. The goal is to provide to Ada programs the power of Qt, so that Ada programs can have as beautiful graphical interfaces as C/C++ programs.

For now, has been successfully compiled and tested on the following platforms:

OS C++
Debian Etch
GCC 4.1.2 GNAT GPL 2006 4.2.2  
Windows XP GCC 3.4.2
from MinGW
GNAT GPL 2006 4.2.0

Many warnings while compiling the C++ proxies


You should get the latest code from the Subversion repository using this command:

svn checkout https://qt4ada.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/qt4ada/trunk qt4ada

Previous releases:



Release of the q4amake tool. This is supposed to replace Qt's qmake to allow cross-platform and compiler-independant building. For now is far from being as powerful as qmake and is still rather GNAT-centric, but it should evolve in a full-featured, flexible building utility.


Version 0.1.0 released. Contains the 14 tutorials implemented in pure Ada. The signals/slots scheme works, but it's not quite satisfactory yet - too complex to write... Also all the meta-object features is completely lacking.


has been successfully compiled under Windows™, using both MinGW and GNAT GPL 2006 (a great thank to Alain Fontaine for his help). Also the 7th Qt tutorial has been reimplemented in pure Ada. See the README file for instructions on how to compile .


Now relies on Qt 4.2.0, it's no longer compatible with earlier versions. Not much progress since a month, however the internal basics should be more robust. Also almost all enums defined in the namespace Qt are now provided on the Ada side.


At last takes off. The repository on SourceForge is filled with current code, so everyone is welcome to have a look at it, provide comments, fixes and contributions.